21 January, 2008

Very Succinct Indeed

"Let's be clear: we have lost this war. We have lost because the initial, central goals of the invasion have all failed: we have not secured WMDS from terrorists because those WMDs did not exist. We have not stymied Islamist terror - at best we have finally stymied some of the terror we helped create. We have not constructed a democratic model for the Middle East - we have instead destroyed a totalitarian government and a phony country, only to create a permanently unstable, fractious, chaotic failed state, where the mere avoidance of genocide is a cause for celebration. We have, moreover, helped solder a new truth in the Arab mind: that democracy means chaos, anarchy, mass-murder, national disintegration and sectarian warfare. And we have also empowered the Iranian regime and made a wider Sunni-Shiite regional war more likely than it was in 2003. Apart from that, Mr Bush, how did you enjoy your presidency?
— Andrew Sullivan


Anonymous said...

In light of Susan Kling's recent passing could you post more stories about Jack?

The Dutchman said...

I didn't really know Jack Kling very well, in fact all I know about him is listed in my previous post:


I too saw news of Susan Kling's recent passing and, judging from the Tribune obituary, she sounds like a very nice person indeed.

Each May Day I go out to Forest View Cemetery to pay my respects to the Haymarket Martyrs as well as other fallen comrades, and you can be sure I will pay my respects to both Jack and Susan Kling when I see their grave then.

Yours For A Better World — Dutch