22 March, 2010

I Reccomend This Film!

Food Inc. clearly shows how government policies have turned our food supply over to a hand-full of agribusiness conglomerates, turned our yeoman farmers into serfs, destroyed the meat-packer's union, and made an un-healthy diet the norm.

This is one more example, of which there are many, of why this capitalist system has got to go!

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StarbucksMom... said...

Gotta say, this film totally changed the way i look at food, and what I eat. I don't think the film was completely balanced, but it made enough fine points, sending me to do more research on many many issues.

I gotta say, I was shocked to find out how the American Farmer has become a slave to the corporation.
Not sure I want to see capitalism go, perhaps an evolution, as opposed to a revolution, is needed.